We provide training and support to entrepreneurs who want to create and sell online courses.

TECHNOLOGY doesn’t have to be scary and MARKETING isn’t a dirty word.

Choose your own adventure!

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If you KNOW that THIS IS YOUR YEAR to finally get your course online (and start making money from your online courses) you’re in the right place.

If you’re ready to…


  • Move people from visitors to buyers
  • Build, or revamp, your website to turn it into a money-making machine.
  • Acquire new leads to grow your email list, and nurture your subscribers to make them loyal customers.
  • Optimize all of your social media channels to and learn how to use all of the main social channels to attract leads and customers.
  • Learn the when, what, why, and how of blogging and vlogging, and how to get your content found by your audience.
  • Learn what influencers and joint venture partners are and how to tap into these to increase your exposure and customers.
  • Plan and create your course curriculum based on learning outcomes, results, and transformations.
  • Deliver a live training within 24 hours or start with a pilot program to co-create the course with your students, validate your course topic, and generate some cashflow.
  • Get your Thinkific site set up properly, your course uploaded, and your landing pages crafted.
  • Create your own affiliate program so that you have a whole team of salespeople selling your course for you.
  • Learn how to make an extra $1,000+ / mo. recommending products and services to your audience that you already use.
  • Have the option of joining our private Facebook community where you can participate in twice weekly live stream Q&A’s with Brainy Girl. This is optional and an additional cost.


…then join the BrainyGirlU Online Training Center for just $27 USD / month to get access to ALL of Kim’s best training!

After watching other content creators and attending their trainings and then comparing them to how you train, I realized there is a night and day difference.  They give empty training designed to make you thirstier, it’s like drinking seawater.  You actually give real and practical training that works and has substance.  Thank you for that.
Michael M. Dillard

CEO, President, iOn Reliability Training & Consulting


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Thinkific Site & Course Set Up

  • Let the EXPERTS get your Thinkific site set up properly
  • We’ll craft landing pages, upload your content, integrate your payment gateways and email, and create a branded experience for your customers and learners

Get 1:1 Coaching or Consulting

  • Get your questions answered when you need it
  • Move forward faster
  • Book by session – no long term commitment
  • 20 years marketing & technology experience


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From In-Person Workshops to Online Courses

Terry Eldridge
Founder, Zenso Creative

Kim’s Courses Have Been

Kim’s courses have been life-changing. I have hired so many consultants and spent thousands of dollars on coaching, only to find that no one really “got” me or my business.

This is where Kim differs from the rest. She could take any business – service or product, and improve the sales, retention, and customer experience.

I will be forever grateful for all that I have learned and will continue to learn from her.

Caryn Liles

Owner/Founder, The Centre For Canine Education

Coaching & Consulting

60 Minutes

This 60 minutes is dedicated to you. You can ask Kim anything – advice, training, best practices, strategies based on your situation – and it’s all recorded and sent to you at the end. With 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, inbound marketing, and technology, and with 6 years in the online education business, there’s not much that’s off limits.

$165 USD

90 Minutes

This 90 minutes is dedicated to you. You can ask Kim anything – advice, training, best practices, strategies based on your situation – and it’s all recorded and sent to you at the end. With 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, inbound marketing, and technology, and with 6 years in the online education business, there’s not much that’s off limits.

$247 USD

About Kim

Kim Garnett is the founder of Brainy Girl. She has been running businesses online since 2001, and is a technology and digital marketing specialist working with novice course creators to help them get visible, grow their audience, and get their courses online.

Kim is an Ambassador for Thinkific, and is recognized as a Thinkific Expert. She has successfully launched over 40 online courses and three membership sites, and has helped hundreds of novice course creators grow successful online education businesses.

“I ventured into the world of online entrepreneurship 20+ years ago. I began in the field of website development and was an early adopter of social media and content marketing.  After many years as a specialist virtual assistant with a team of my own, I became a Digital Marketing & Technology specialist and trainer.

With a vast skill set and knowledge of what it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur, I help other entrepreneurs build relationships with their audience through organic  marketing and turn those relationships into revenue, streamlining and automating with digital technology. I help my clients and students scale their businesses with online courses and programs to create residual revenue, increased flexibility, and to ultimately live their lives on their terms.

I’m a firm believer in “staying in your lane” – being focused on what you do best, and calling in the experts and specialists to help move you further ahead, faster.

I am passionate about contributing to your success. I’m driven by helping people, just like you, achieve their goals and live their dreams.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Client Love

Absolutely the best experience ever with a site development. So professional, intellectually provocative, asking the right questions, exceptional listening skills – on a scale of 1-10, Brainy Girl gets a 12.

I have sixteen courses to publish yet, and I am looking forward to the inspiration and support I can rely on from Kim and her team.

Laurette DeJulian

Founder, The Self Compassion Project

Kim is simply amazing! She combines an excellent grasp of not only the Thinkific platform, but course creation in general. But it doesn’t stop there. She understands marketing and promotion, so she can guide your process with a view of the overall end product but never forgetting your goal…giving massive value to your intended audience.

I was apprehensive when I first engaged Kim, but it soon became evident that she has helped in successful course creation many, many times before. I am not an experienced techno person and she patiently answered all my silly questions and reassured me that the process would result in something I was proud of and would meet the needs of my clients. As testimony to my confidence in her ability, I plan on using her again soon to set up and launch my second course! Speaking in terms many entrepreneurs relish, my ROI with Kim has been massively positive!

Dr. Ron Eaker

M.D., Women's Online Wellness

I ended up choosing Kim because she is what she claims to be, an expert on Thinkific’s platform and highly experienced in marketing e-courses.

I was already piloting my courses but she was able to give me pointers on how best to host my audio and video files with a clear view of how courses on Thinkific work for clients and gave very clear advice on how to design a site with sales / marketing in mind. The whole process enabled me to clarify my thinking and identify / convey key messages about my courses to potential clients on my site. Kim is on the ball, pays attention to detail and is on top of the tech. Hire her, you won’t regret it.

Helen Buxton

Speech & Language Therapist and Founder, Artikul8



I know that you’re out there jumping from site to site, video to video, Facebook group to Facebook group, trying desperately to figure this all out so that YOU CAN create a successful, online business.

I also know how FRUSTRATING it is to not be able to get the information you need when you need it!

So...I’ve put together The Ultimate Resource for Novice Course Creators - with all of the information and links you need IN ONE PLACE, separated by topic.

Can I get an AMEN?