Help for novices who want to create and sell online courses.

I hear it all the time…

“Kim, I wish I’d found you sooner!”

 Don’t wait until you’ve wasted too many hours that you can’t get back; till you’re completely overwhelmed; or you’ve blown through too much cash.

It’s time to reach out and ask the Experts for help.


Get your course online FAST.

Let us set up your Thinkific site so you can finally start enrolling learners!

thinkific expert

We have set up hundreds of Thinkific sites for clients.

We’ve seen mistakes (that could have been prevented) cause havoc and lost revenue for course creators because they decided to do it themselves without knowing the potential pitfalls.

And we don’t want to see that happen to you.

We don’t just give you a completely set up Thinkific site with your online course ready to enroll students.

We give you peace of mind – knowing that your site is set up properly and that you can confidently open the doors for enrollment.

With our done-for-you service, you can get your course online and start enrolling students quickly – and painlessly.


Are you struggling with your landing pages?

  • Home page
  • Course sales page
  • Bundle sales page
  • Custom pages

Brainy Girl to the rescue!

We can design or redesign your landing pages and/or create new branded pages. We even help you write copy that converts!

In this 90 min 1:1 virtual session we’ll walk through every section of your Thinkific site and course to ensure it’s set up properly and make suggestions for improvement. You can ask any questions you have about your Thinkific site (or other related questions) as time allows.

The entire session is recorded and sent to you afterwards.


Kim has lots of great Youtube videos to help you with your Thinkific site! Click here to view videos

View upcoming workshops and virtual events here.

If you’d like 1:1 session, you can book that here.

Something else? 

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From simple lead generation funnels to grow your email list to tripwire funnels and sales funnels, we can help!

Email marketing is integral to the success of your online education business.

Acquire email leads > nurture them > sell to them!

We work with both Convertkit and Active Campaign and can help with set up, creating automations and sequences, and integrating with your Thinkific site (optional).

Kim has lots of great Youtube videos to help you with your marketing! Click here to view videos

View upcoming workshops and virtual events here.

If you’d like 1:1 coaching to work through your marketing plan and an expert to guide you through, you can book a 1:1 session here.

Something else? 

Brainy girl youtube


Jamie Jensen is an award-winning screenwriter, conversion copywriter, and online marketing strategist. She’s helped over 1000 entrepreneurs increase their sales by up to 900% with the power of effective storytelling. Jamie has embarked on new adventures, and entrusted us with her copy templates and courses so that we could continue to assist course creators and entrepreneurs with writing copy that sells.

copy that jamie jensen

Write your client attracting website in 12 easy steps! Copy is the glue that makes your clients stick to you PLUS get all of Jamie’s conversion copy secrets + guidance on how to use each template too!

get your story straight challenge

Jamie’s 5-step storytelling process with 5 short modules, worksheets, and pre-recorded Q&A videos. Get ready to get your brand story STRAIGHT!

sizzling sales page copy

Plug your very own customer and course details into this template and watch those sales pour in. 

nurture funnel email sequence

Wondering WTF to write into your “indoctrination sequence?” Wonder no more. This series of 5 emails will give your audience a true taste of you, what you stand for, and why they should stick around as members of your community!

how to run a 5-day challenge

Based on a challenge and sequence that yielded multiple 6 figures. Includes 10 email templates + 2 page templates.

course launch email sequence

You’ve heard it before: the money’s in the list. Thing is, the money only comes out of the list and into your bank account if you’re emailing and making offers. But you don’t want to sound too “salesy”. Mission accomplished with this sequence.

webinar funnel copy

Webinar Funnel Copy templates includes: registration page copy template, Thank You page template, pre and post webinar email templates to help gather additional sales even after the webinar wraps up!

how to run a 5-day challenge

You know you need to run Facebook ads for your offers, freebies, and yes FUNNELS, but how do you write a compelling Facebook ad that cuts through the clutter and showcases YOU?! I’ll show you.

flash sale email sequence

Need a quick cash injection? Who doesn’t?! The best method for a quick hit of revenue is running a flash sale. Flash sales generated almost $20,000 for Jamie in one year alone.

Coaching & Consulting

15 Minutes ($120)

Have a quick question that you can’t wait to get answered? No problem!

This solution connects you and I by Zoom for 15 minutes to get your questions answered! 

Please note: this call type is for quick questions such as:

  • How do I _____________ on my Thinkific site?
  • How do I _____________ in Convertkit?
  • Is it better to _______________ or _______________?

When you book you’ll be asked to enter your question(s) or topic(s) you’d like to discuss. If we don’t get through your questions on this 15 min call, I may suggest you book a 60 or 90 minute session to go through the remainder.

60 Minutes ($285)

This 60 minutes is dedicated to you. You guide the session!

Ask Kim anything – advice, training, best practices, strategies based on your situation or use the time to work side by side (virtually) to get the help you need.

It’s all recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. With 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, content marketing, and digital technology, and with 6 years in the online education business, there’s not much that’s off limits.

90 Minutes ($350)

This 90 minutes is dedicated to you. You guide the session!

Ask Kim anything – advice, training, best practices, strategies based on your situation or use the time to work side by side (virtually) to get the help you need.

It’s all recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. With 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, content marketing, and digital technology, and with 6 years in the online education business, there’s not much that’s off limits.

Do you know WHO your ideal customer is?


The Plan For Success

About Kim

Kim Garnett is the founder of Brainy Girl – a technology and digital marketing specialist (since 2001) working with novice course creators to help them get visible, grow their audience, and get their courses online.

Kim is an Ambassador for Thinkific, and is recognized as a Thinkific Expert. She has successfully launched over 40 online courses and three membership sites, and has helped hundreds of novice course creators grow successful online education businesses.

“I ventured into the world of online entrepreneurship 20+ years ago. I began in the field of website development and was an early adopter of social media and content marketing.  After many years as a specialist virtual assistant with a team of my own, I became a Digital Marketing & Technology specialist and trainer.

With a vast skill set and knowledge of what it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur, I help other entrepreneurs build relationships with their audience through organic  marketing and turn those relationships into revenue, streamlining and automating with digital technology. I help my clients and students scale their businesses with online courses and programs to create residual revenue, increased flexibility, and to ultimately live their lives on their terms.

I’m a firm believer in “staying in your lane” – being focused on what you do best, and calling in the experts and specialists to help move you further ahead, faster.

I am passionate about contributing to your success. I’m driven by helping people, just like you, achieve their goals and live their dreams.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Absolutely the best experience ever with a site development. So professional, intellectually provocative, asking the right questions, exceptional listening skills – on a scale of 1-10, Brainy Girl gets a 12.

I have sixteen courses to publish yet, and I am looking forward to the inspiration and support I can rely on from Kim and her team.

Laurette DeJulian

Founder, The Self Compassion Project

Client Love

Kim is simply amazing! She combines an excellent grasp of not only the Thinkific platform, but course creation in general. But it doesn’t stop there. She understands marketing and promotion, so she can guide your process with a view of the overall end product but never forgetting your goal…giving massive value to your intended audience.

I was apprehensive when I first engaged Kim, but it soon became evident that she has helped in successful course creation many, many times before. I am not an experienced techno person and she patiently answered all my silly questions and reassured me that the process would result in something I was proud of and would meet the needs of my clients. As testimony to my confidence in her ability, I plan on using her again soon to set up and launch my second course! Speaking in terms many entrepreneurs relish, my ROI with Kim has been massively positive!

Dr. Ron Eaker

M.D., Women's Online Wellness

I ended up choosing Kim because she is what she claims to be, an expert on Thinkific’s platform and highly experienced in marketing e-courses.

I was already piloting my courses but she was able to give me pointers on how best to host my audio and video files with a clear view of how courses on Thinkific work for clients and gave very clear advice on how to design a site with sales / marketing in mind. The whole process enabled me to clarify my thinking and identify / convey key messages about my courses to potential clients on my site. Kim is on the ball, pays attention to detail and is on top of the tech. Hire her, you won’t regret it.

Helen Buxton

Speech & Language Therapist and Founder, Artikul8

Tools, Software and Resources

for online educators

We live and breathe technology so it takes pretty great software, tools and resources to impress us!
These are those we recommend, but obviously do your due diligence in researching and decided which are best for you and your business.

Thinkific LMS

Thinkific gives you everything you need to easily create, market, and sell your own online courses.


Convertkit makes managing your email marketing easy with built-in opt-in forms and easy to configure sequences for sales funnels.

Active Campaign

Email marketing, marketing automation, sales and CRM automation, and make meaningful connections with your customers.

Book Like a Boss

An all in one online scheduling tool which allows you to automate your bookings AND sell/upsell digital or physical products, or paid services.


A free photo editor for the non-graphic-artist. It’s cloud-based, so there’s nothing to download or install, and it’s one of the easiest photo editing programs around.


Allows you to create beautiful designs using their drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print worksheets, infographics, social graphics, and more.
Sound Clear in Online Meetings


Remove background noise and experience HD Voice; automatically remove all types of background noise and echo coming from participants during meetings; remove both the echo resonating from walls of empty room and the echo that occurs from your own voice during the call.
powerups for thinkific

Super Powers for Thinkific

Instantly add more design options, new features and
all of the ninja tricks used by one of the top Thinkific experts, Rob Galvin.


Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond. Leadpages helps small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales.


Using this super affordable software you can record video on your computer screen, record using your webcam, or have picture in picture.


Beautiful, branded, conversational, easy. Create interactive forms, quizzes, polls, surveys, shopping carts, and so much more.
sales page copy thinkific

The Hot Copy Shop

Learn how to write incredible copy for your website, sales pages, landing pages, emails and funnels that turns your visitors into buyers!

quaderno for thinkific


Quaderno automates tax calculation and invoicing for your Thinkific courses. Any time a student subscribes to a course, Quaderno will automatically calculate the correct tax based on your customer’s location, generate and send the invoice, and update your reports.

Elegant Themes

The site you’re on right now was built with Divi, one of the Elegant Themes, with no custom coding. Easy to use layout templates for WordPress websites.


Affordable, secure, fast hosting for your website with fast, friendly and helpful 24/7 live chat. Powerful and easy to use interface.


Truly understand and manage your income and expenses. Track everything and connect to payroll, payments, and invoicing. Everything is automated and in one perfect package.
online course templates

Creative Market

Accelerate your projects with millions of ready-to-use products like course slide templates, course workbook templates, social media templates and more!

AVG Antivirus

Premium protection and privacy for your business and your family with one low price for protection across all devices.