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Help for novices who want to create and sell online courses.

I hear it all the time…

“Kim, I wish I’d found you sooner!”

 Don’t wait until you’ve wasted too many hours that you can’t get back; you’re completely overwhelmed; or you’ve blown through too much cash.

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Joké Durojaiye
Joké Durojaiye
If you're creating your first online course, you need Kim! I have looked at a dozen tutorials before I came across Brainy Girl on YouTube and she is by far the best at simplifying the process. I have since had a couple of one-on-one sessions with Kim and I find her to be easy to work with and her knowledge and passion shines through. I only wish I found her sooner.
Rev. Lisa Windsor
Rev. Lisa Windsor
Kim Garnett’s knowledge and expertise was instrumental in the creation and launch of my online programs on Thinkific. I was brand new to the platform and to creating online courses and after working through Kim's Course, I am more confident, clear and prepared. Kim is an excellent teacher with her ability to take complicated processes and break them down into small, clear cut steps. I highly recommend Kim as a teacher, mentor, and coach for anyone seeking support for online course creation.
Zein Michaels
Zein Michaels
If you need to build a course and don't know where to start, DEFINITELY give Brainy girl a try
Heather Herman
Heather Herman
This course was a lifesaver and saved me SOOOO much time and frustration! I don't know how anyone could do a course launch on Thinkific without this resource!!!
Brenda Rigney
Brenda Rigney
Kim at Brainy Girl is quick, knowledgable and easy to work with. I had a short turnaround time and Kim was able to support my requests in the desired timeframe and on budget. Plus, Kim provides her clients with helpful resources, videos and guides to make your course launches successful. Thanks Kim!
Kathleen Kelsey
Kathleen Kelsey
WHAT EVERY ONLINE CLASS SHOULD ASPIRE TO! When I built our first class online on Thinkific, we hired Kim to assist us through a series of 1:1 calls. Her help was instrumental in getting our course done and launched quickly. As we went to create another course, I turned to BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp to refresh me on all the steps I needed to take. I mean for $97, how could I not? WHAT I THOUGHT…was that since I had prior coaching from Kim, I knew all her inside tips and hacks so an online course would be all I need. WHAT I FOUND OUT…was that Bootcamp includes the drilled down, no fluff, detailed step-by-step process that Kim used on our private 1:1. Including all the tips and hacks! She has included everything a course creator needs to get their Thinkific course launched. AND AS A BONUS…I got to watch Kim drill down expertise that she originally delivered live into a seriously effective online course which is a great inspiration as we continue to work to do the same. If you want to build a course on Thinkific, you have to do Bootcamp! P.S. Trust her when she says don’t jump ahead. Follow her steps exactly in order for the quickest path to course launch.
Suzanne Tulien
Suzanne Tulien
I am 10 steps ahead of where I thought I'd be right now, because of Kim's expertise in the area of marketing courses! Her proficiency and knowledge has boosted my timeline exponentially. I am thrilled with her results and ability to train me to better understand how to market my course. I will be working with her more and more to leverage my time and strategic approach to growing my course enrollment. I am re-inspired with the tools to do this better and more efficiently! Thank you, Kim!
You, Me & We - THAT Relationship Show
You, Me & We - THAT Relationship Show
If you're not working with Kimberly and her team to set up your online courses, then one of two things is happening: 1) You're either working with the wrong company, or 2) You're leaving money on the table. You NEED to work with Brainy Girl when it comes to understanding this very detailed process. Every time I've spoken with Kimberly, she has helped remove the BRAIN FOG that has kept me from moving forward in my journey. She's patient, kind and willing to explain things until they make sense to ME! It's 2021 and I'm finally ready to move forward to get my site up this year. I'm so thankful for her and her team! ❤️❤️❤️
Leslie Wiesner
Leslie Wiesner
Wow, am I ever glad I participated in this Bootcamp! I learned everything I need to launch an online course which I couldn't have done as gracefully without Kim's knowledge and patient guidance. Added bonus - I have even more tech skills in my pocket than I did going in!
Arabiq Online
Arabiq Online
I have just completed Brainygirl's Course Launch Bootcamp, and actually launched my first online course as a direct result of doing so, after having sat and watched tutorials and read Thinkific's help pages for months with perfectionism paralysis. Kim's help has been invaluable, from her wisdom and expertise drawing from 20 years in the field to her knowledge and comfort with tech, to her patient manner and dedication as if I was her only client and my course the only one that mattered, to her coaching that went beyond just course creation and dealt with my anxieties too! (She was my coach, mentor, marketing adviser, copywriting adviser, course creation expert and counselor rolled into one throughout the whole process, and I honestly could not have done it without her). Her video tutorials and instructions were all very clear, concise and follow a logical format. I felt that I was in safe hands from the get-go, and trusted her processes completely as she explains the 'why' behind everything we do. She always went above and beyond the call of duty to troubleshoot any problems I came across, going through the process with me until I had understood, and patiently answering all my questions (when she could easily have just directed me to her previous tutorials or other courses). I highly recommend the Bootcamp and Kim herself, and feel it was the best investment I have made in myself, as it gave me transferrable skills that I can apply to any business, not just course creation. By Day 3 of the Bootcamp, I already felt I had got my money's worth of value.

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What are the ways I can tell the world how fabulous you are!? You rock! You’re brilliant, caring, passionate, and fun! There has never been a question I’ve asked that you didn’t provide a comprehensive, cogent response along with documentation and resources that put me on the right track. Retaining your services has been one of my best business decisions!

Michael Beduze

Managing Partner, Da Vinci Global Consulting, LLC

This page contains EVERYTHING I offer – all services, freebies, courses, programs, workshops.

This is a great place to start to get an overview of how I can help.

Course Creator Resource Library (FREE)

Get FREE ACCESS to the Course Creators Resource Center with resources, downloads and videos for course creators – like YOU!


Monthly Live Q&A (FREE)

Join these free live stream Q&A sessions monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 3:00pm Pacific.

Submit your questions in advance. Questions will be answered live on the Facebook live stream and Youtube live stream.


Tools & Software for Course Creators (FREE)

Understanding the tools, platforms, and software that you’ll need to tackle this journey confidently is crucial. We’re tech and marketing geeks, and we’ve vetted them all. We’ve tested virtually every platform, tool, and software available. The tools in this toolbox are our recommendations.


Youtube Videos (FREE)

Hundreds of videos that you can watch for free on digital marketing and technology for course creators.


BrainyGirlU Blog (FREE)

Want to speed up your learning curve? Lots of great articles and how-to’s on our blog.


Coaching & Consulting ($120+)

Need an expert to run your ideas by? Understanding what your nextthinkific expert steps are based on your goals?

Ask Kim anything – advice, training, best practices, strategies based on your situation or use the time to work side by side (virtually) to get the help you need.




Thinkific: Expert Site Review ($350)

In this 90 min 1:1 virtual session we’ll walk through every section ofthinkific expert your Thinkific site and course to ensure it’s set up properly and make suggestions for improvement. You can ask any questions you have about your Thinkific site (or other related questions) as time allows.

The entire session is recorded and sent to you afterwards.


Thinkific: DIY Setup with Support ($397)

Get the step by step guidance you need to start enrolling students withthinkific expert the expertise of a recognized Thinkific Expert with the BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp! Join the weekly live stream Q&A’s to get the support you need while in Bootcamp.


Thinkific: Done-for-you Setup ($1700+)

Tired of tech?? Get your course online FAST.thinkific expert
Let us set up your Thinkific site so you can finally start enrolling learners!


Thinkific: Additions & Edits ($350+)

Need additional courses added to your Thinkific site?thinkific expert
Landing pages redesigned? We can help!

View other pages we’ve designed / redesigned here.


Thinkific: Add Superpowers ($399+)

We install, configure and create WOW-worthy experiences usingthinkific expert Super Powerups to transform your Thinkific site into one you’ve only dreamed of.


Thinkific: Email Integration ($399+)

Acquire email leads > nurture them > sell to them!

We work with both Convertkit and Active Campaign and can help with set up, creating automations and sequences, and integrate your email marketing with your Thinkific site.


Thinkific: Sell More Courses Using Affiliates ($97)

Lessen your workload and increase your profits by having affiliatesthinkific expert sell your online courses FOR you.

Get your affiliate program set up quickly and easily.


Digital Marketing Mastery ($397 x 4 payments)

If MARKETING and SELLING your online course is your #1 challenge, then this is the program for you!

This 16-week blended learning program combines online learning with virtual support in a group setting. Tap into Kim’s expertise and 22 years of experience in digital marketing in the weekly live virtual sessions, and join our online community of other participants to accelerate the growth of your marketing muscles!


Pay Yourself First Calculator ($27)

Get INSTANT ACCESS to this Done-For-You Template plus demonstration videos that provide the learning & framework to calculate how much to pay yourself what you deserve!

  • How much do I need to earn to pay myself what I need and deserve?
  • How do I create a plan to get started?
  • How much do I set aside for taxes?
  • How do I monitor my progress to stay on track & reach my financial goals?


** Created by one of my clients, Mariette Martinez of Master Your Books

Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT & AI for Course Creators ($27)

In this live webinar you’ll learn how to use ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language generation model developed by OpenAI, to revolutionize your content creation process, and other AI tools. You’ll discover how to fine-tune ChatGPT for specific tasks such as language translation, summarization, question answering, and content generation. You will see examples of how to use ChatGPT for different types of content such as articles, blog posts, and social media snippets AND Youtube video translations!



We offer on-demand learning, courses and programs, as well as virtual workshops for course creators.

Consulting & Coaching

Need an expert to run your ideas by?
Understanding what your next steps are based on your goals?
Marketing advice?

Ask Kim anything – advice, training, best practices, strategies based on your situation or use the time to work side by side (virtually) to get the help you need.

It’s all recorded and sent to you afterwards so that you can review and revisit our session. With 22 years experience in entrepreneurship, content marketing, and digital technology, and with 8 years in the online education space, there’s not much that’s off limits.

I just did an hour and a half long session — one on one — with Kim via Zoom and saved myself days of work!

I was hitting places where I was unsure, inexperienced, baffled even. Kim’s expertise was a dream come true.

I’m extremely busy like the rest of you, so if you want to save time and feel less unsure about certain aspects of your new course, I can’t recommend Kim highly enough.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Bullied Brain

About Kim

Kim Garnett is the founder of Brainy Girl, and a technology and digital marketing specialist (since 2001) working with novice course creators to help them get visible, grow their audience, and get their courses online.

Kim is recognized as a Thinkific Expert (since 2015). She has helped hundreds of novice course creators grow successful online education businesses.

“I ventured into the world of online entrepreneurship 20+ years ago. I began in the field of website development and was an early adopter of social media and content marketing.  After many years as a specialist virtual assistant with a team of my own, I became a Digital Marketing & Technology specialist and trainer.

With a vast skill set and knowledge of what it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur, I help other entrepreneurs build relationships with their audience through organic  marketing and turn those relationships into revenue, streamlining and automating with digital technology. I help my clients and students scale their businesses with online courses and programs to create residual revenue, increased flexibility, and to ultimately live their lives on their terms.

I’m a firm believer in “staying in your lane” – being focused on what you do best, and calling in the experts and specialists to help move you further ahead, faster.

I am passionate about contributing to your success. I’m driven by helping people, just like you, achieve their goals and live their dreams.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Absolutely the best experience ever with a site development. So professional, intellectually provocative, asking the right questions, exceptional listening skills – on a scale of 1-10, Brainy Girl gets a 12.

I have sixteen courses to publish yet, and I am looking forward to the inspiration and support I can rely on from Kim and her team.

Laurette DeJulian

Founder, The Self Compassion Project

Client Love

Kim is simply amazing! She combines an excellent grasp of not only the Thinkific platform, but course creation in general. But it doesn’t stop there. She understands marketing and promotion, so she can guide your process with a view of the overall end product but never forgetting your goal…giving massive value to your intended audience.

I was apprehensive when I first engaged Kim, but it soon became evident that she has helped in successful course creation many, many times before. I am not an experienced techno person and she patiently answered all my silly questions and reassured me that the process would result in something I was proud of and would meet the needs of my clients. As testimony to my confidence in her ability, I plan on using her again soon to set up and launch my second course! Speaking in terms many entrepreneurs relish, my ROI with Kim has been massively positive!

Dr. Ron Eaker

M.D., Women's Online Wellness

I ended up choosing Kim because she is what she claims to be, an expert on Thinkific’s platform and highly experienced in marketing e-courses.

I was already piloting my courses but she was able to give me pointers on how best to host my audio and video files with a clear view of how courses on Thinkific work for clients and gave very clear advice on how to design a site with sales / marketing in mind. The whole process enabled me to clarify my thinking and identify / convey key messages about my courses to potential clients on my site. Kim is on the ball, pays attention to detail and is on top of the tech. Hire her, you won’t regret it.

Helen Buxton

Speech & Language Therapist and Founder, Artikul8

Get FREE ACCESS to the

Course Creators Resource Center

Resources, downloads and videos for course creators – like YOU!

  • Hundreds of videos on marketing, technology and course creation
  • Online Course Checklist – prepare for your launch step by step
  • 50+ Free Stock Photo Sites – get free images to use for your courses and marketing
  • 30 Days of Content Guide & Workbook – to get you in front of your audience
  • and more!