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Attraction Marketing is all about drawing customers TO you, rather than you chasing them.


Miles Beckler, one of my favourite online marketers, writes:

“Attraction marketing is a method of structuring your content and marketing in a way that will help you build an audience and grow your business.

The attraction marketing method is inspired by the Law of Attraction. To utilize this method, you have to structure your marketing strategy in a way that aligns with the philosophy of this law of attraction.”


In all of the businesses I’ve built in my 20+ years in online business, the backbone of them all has been attraction marketing.

My goal is always to attract leads and potential clients to me, then build those relationships – ultimately converting those leads into customers. 

Attraction Marketing is a long-term marketing strategy that has not only worked for me but for many other successful entrepreneurs as well.


There are some basic foundations to attraction marketing which I was fortunate to be able to share on a live stream with Thinkific in February 2020.


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