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On November 2, 2021 I received an email:

Hi Kim! 

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve made a decision to torch my online products and take a 3 month sabbatical in early 2022 to unfold what’s next for me. 

This means that after December 3rd my current products will no longer be available for purchase.

I’ll be giving all my students and customers notice so they can download anything they want to keep before my course platform disappears mid-December….”

The email was from Jamie Jensen.

My heart sunk.

Now if you don’t know who Jamie Jensen is, or the gift that she is to people like me and my clients, then let me introduce you to her.

jamie jensenJamie is an award-winning screenwriter, entrepreneur, story nerd, and sweet girl from Queens, NY who once commuted to and from her arts high school on the subway with a portfolio that was bigger that she was.

She made a feature film that won her a “Best Feature Writer” award, founded a digital marketing agency that grew 50% year over year for 3 straight years, has written 10 feature-length movies, and helped thousands of entrepreneurs and writers share their story for maximum impact.

She’s a copywriter extraordinaire.

She’s worked with very high profile clients in the online course industry like Jill Stanton (The Screw) and Melyssa Griffin. Her client list is long… and super impressive.

I found Jamie’s courses and templates in 2020 and instantly fell in love!

I purchased many of them and sent many of my clients to her site to purchase them as well. I did become an affiliate but, truth be told, if a client needed help with copywriting (which ALL of them do) I would send them to Jamie’s website – most the time forgetting to use my affiliate link because I was so excited to share her with them.

OK.. so back to the email.

I was pretty devastated that I would no longer be able to send my clients to Jamie’s website to snag her email templates, funnel templates, sales page templates and courses, so I replied to her email and asked if she would consider allowing me to keep her resources alive.

We had a call (I was a little… starstruck!) to discuss the details, and then I waited.

And then I got word that Jamie would allow me to sell her copywriting templates and courses, to keep them alive.

I literally cried!

You don’t understand if you haven’t used her templates or taken her courses.

See, copywriting is an ESSENTIAL skill for course creators – if you want to sell your courses, build your email list, and fill your webinars, and I’ve never run across products that are so easy to use and make writing great sales copy so fun!

I’m so excited that these invaluable templates and courses, that will help you write high converting copy for sales pages, emails, and more are now available right here on BrainyGirlU.

Jamie, I’ll do you proud girl. 💖

Is this YOUR year to get your course online?