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Have the expert guidance REQUIRED to create an effective, engaging online course?

Creating performance-focused educational content that brings lasting value to your customers requires methodical planning, strategizing, designing, and thinking things through.

An effective educational course has an engaging narrative flow that maintains learners’ attention.

This is where Instructional Design comes in.  

I have a better idea of the structure of a course, than I did before I took this course. The course was thorough!

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to walk you through, step by step,
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Here’s What You’ll Do in the Program

Identify Your Audience and Create a Customer Persona

In this section, you’ll think carefully about your target audience. Understanding your customer is crucial, so we’ll look at best practices for conducting customer interviews. 

Based on the data you gather, we’ll explore creating a customer persona — a fictional, ideal customer you’ll be creating the course for. At this stage, it’s also vital to evaluate, openly and honestly, whether e-learning is the solution your audience needs. 


Define Master Learning Objectives

The next step is to be crystal clear about the problem you’re trying to solve – or the objective you’re looking to achieve. 

At the highest level, you need to define what you want your students to be able to DO with what they’ve learned. With this information, you’ll draft Master Learning Objectives.  The structure and content of the course should flow from these. And these Master Learning Objectives should be clear to any student who takes your course or consumes your educational content. 

Use the ADDIE Model for Instructional Design

The ADDIE model is the most widely used instructional design process.  ADDIE is the instructional design methodology that will be covered in this course —  and it’s the methodology used to create the course itself! 

By using a systematic approach, similar to the approaches used in software and engineering, you can produce training that guarantees learners the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed. 


Audit References and Resources

What information exists and is available to you?  What documentation has been produced already that can be referenced and drawn on?  What are your go-to-sources from 3rd parties?    

Smart course creators have mastered their sources and resources.  You want Education to be the definitive source of truth – and this means digesting the relevant sources and reference materials – so a complete story can be told.  

Leverage Subject Matter Experts and Customer Interviews

In this chapter, we’ll look at identifying Subject Matter Experts (internal and external), conducting additional content focused customer interviews.

We’ll show you best practices for interviewing the Subject Matter Experts and Customers you’ve identified, and teach you best practices for uncovering and drawing out the most valuable information.  

Design the Course Skeleton

Just as the human body needs a skeleton to move, your course needs a course structure to function effectively and coherently. 

Think of your course structure as a skeleton, that gets continually fleshed out as you progress with course creation.   

We’ll talk you through organizing your course from the highest to lowest levels of organization: Course, Chapter, Lesson, Assets.


Develop the Course Content

In this section you’ll be choosing your educational media mix, determining how the course should be delivered, and deciding on format(s) of learning materials.

You’ll get links and resources for suggested video and audio recording and editing software and equipment, suggested tools and software to help you create interactive activities, and suggestions for content types to use within your online courses.

Decide on the Course Delivery Method

Putting the training into action! Where will the course/education live?  How will students access it? How can you remove friction and barriers to entry for your course?  

This chapter will outline the advantages and disadvantages of the various delivery options, and help you think through what’s best for both you AND your customers. 

Implement Best Practices for Making the Learning Stick

Reinforcing learning in an online environment with Quizzes, Spacing, Generation, Elaboration, and Reflection.

You’ll think through the creation of rich examples and counter examples to bring the learning to life — and make them more relatable.   

Measure The Effectiveness

Aside from dollars and cents, how will you know that your course is a success?

How will you determine your students got what they needed and will recommend it to others?

We’ll also provide you with a Checklist to consult when creating exam and quiz questions, that will effectively test students knowledge.

One year access for just $197.

Just $297 $197 USD gets you 24/7 access to ALL of the training on any device.

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How long do I have access to this course for?

You have a full one year access to this course from the time you enroll – that includes any and all updates made in that time! If you’d like to continue to have access you will get a discounted rate as a BrainyGirlU student.

How much time does it take?

This course is intended to be a practical guide for creating a strategy, gameplan, or curriculum for an online education course. This is the final “project” for the course.  So, time to completion will vary with each individual.  
Total Run Time for the course ranges from 2-6 hours, depending on optional and supplementary content consumed.  

How often SHOULD I work on it?

The course is designed to be a step-by-step resource for creating your own curriculum.  You can work at your own pace, however we suggest that you set some time aside each week to work through the course. 

Who is the instructor?

We’re lucky enough to have the experts at Republic Digital leading you through this DIY course!

Bradley Damsgaard — Senior Courseware Producer, Republic Digital 
Dr. Mark Barber — Instructor and Tech Industry Insider, Republic Digital
Cary Debenham — Graphic Designer and Video Producer, Republic Digital

What is the cost of this course?

For a one-time enrollment fee of just $297 $197 USD you get a full one year access to the course.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Kim.

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Creating Online Courses with Instructional Design

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