Are you STRUGGLING to get your course online and your Thinkific site set up PROPERLY?

Getting your first course online is ANYTHING but easy.

In fact, it can be downright CONFUSING and OVERWHELMING!


☹️ You’ve spent months (or years!) trying to get your course online – but you’re fed up with watching tutorials and trying to figure it out yourself

☹️ You want to stop “preparing” and actually get your first course up and running

☹️ You’ve tried EVERYTHING the “gurus” have told you to do but you still feel defeated

☹️ Just when you think you’ve got it done you realize there is more to know and do

☹️ You know that now is the time, but you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed trying to make sense of tech systems – from to LMS to funnels to forms, and identifying what you actually need and what you don’t

☹️ There are so many distractions with life and business and you’re worried that at this rate you’ll NEVER get your course launched

☹️ You’re ready for REAL help. You don’t want to give up altogether but it’s looking like NOTHING will work.  You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on trying to do this yourself

But do you know what happens when you FINALLY get your first course online?


🙂 You wake up every morning EXCITED to check your emails because you’ve had overnight enrollments

🙂 MONEY gets deposited into your bank account, proving to you that this IS a viable way to make a living (or some extra $$)

🙂 You make an IMPACT on others

🙂 You get to to LIVE YOUR PASSION

🙂 You have the CONFIDENCE and the PROCESSES you need to create MORE courses, and market the ones you have, giving even more value to your students and creating your legacy.

🙂 You finally FEEL SUCCESSFUL with this “tech stuff” having conquered your fears and seeing this through to the end

🙂 You have RENEWED ENERGY to pour into you, your family, your hobbies, YOUR LIFE…now that you’re not stressing about how the heck you’re going to get this course launched

Welcome to the

Thinkific Bootcamp

Get the step by step guidance you need to start enrolling students with the expertise of a recognized Thinkific Expert.

By the end of the BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp you’ll have a live Thinkific site and a published course, ready for enrollments!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

What’s inside the course?

thinkific bootcamp - module


In this module you’ll get the lay of the land plus some tools and resources to help you stay on track.

  • Introduction to your guide, Kim Garnett (aka Brainy Girl)
  • FREE Thinkific 30 day trial
  • Where and how to get your questions answered (yes – there is support!)
  • Bootcamp Tracker to keep track of what’s done – and what’s left to do
  • Fleshing out your Buyer Persona so you know WHO your target student is
  • 10-week Course Launch Checklist
thinkific bootcamp - site setup


In this module you’ll get the foundation of your Thinkific site set up.

  • Connect your payment gateways so that you can collect payment from customers
  • Get your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages added using the templates provided
  • Add a Cookie Consent Bar so that your site is compliant
  • Get your custom domain integrated
  • Set up your Thinkific site PROPERLY from the start in order to avoid troubleshooting down the road
thinkific bootcamp - course setup


In this module you’ll be getting your course configured.

  • Learn how to an create effective, engaging online course
  • Name and price your course
  • Understand course structure and lesson types
  • Upload your course content
  • Add instructor profiles
  • Set up notifications
  • Script and film your How To Navigate video using the template provided
  • Craft your course welcome and course completion emails, or email sequence, from templates provided
  • Create your coupons and/or discount codes
thinkific bootcamp - design website


In this module you’ll be creating a magnetic masterpiece.

  • Choose your site theme
  • Brand your site with your colours, logo, fonts and design
  • Understand the structure of a high converting course sales page
  • Write the copy for your pages, with templates and videos to guide you, to ensure your visitors hit the ENROLL button
  • Design your site pages – course sales page, home page, thank you page, and custom pages – with templates provided
  • Get comfortable using different sections and blocks within Site Pages
thinkific bootcamp - celebrate


In this module you’ll get the assurance and confidence you need to launch your course.

  • Conduct testing with our guidance, of your entire Thinkific site to ensure everything is working as it should
  • Conduct testing, with our guidance, of the student enrollment process to ensure a smooth experience for your new students
  • Link your Thinkific site to your website (if you have one)
  • Soft launch for beta testers to get feedback and testimonials
  • Open your online school for enrollments!
thinkific bootcamp - managing thinkific


In this bonus module you’ll get all you need to manage your Thinkific site.

  • Download the checklist for adding additional courses
  • Get the instructions for manually enrolling single users or bulk enrollees
  • How and when to request and add student reviews and testimonials
  • How to upsell services and additional products within your courses to increase your revenue
  • How to use Thinkific for team or staff training
  • Regular tasks you should be doing to keep your Thinkific site up to date, and for you to stay on top of changes
thinkific bootcamp - affiliate program


In this bonus module you’ll get your own salesforce selling your courses FOR you.

  • What affiliates are – and why you need them
  • How much to pay your affiliates
  • Craft your affiliate assets with templates provided – affiliate welcome, affiliate guide, swipe files for copy and images, new affiliate emails, affiliate application, and affiliate Terms of Use
  • Learn how to process affiliate applications and grant them access to your affiliate assets
  • How to recruit, manage and stay in front of your affiliates to increase your sales

We KNOW that

the BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp

will be your best investment

this year.

Our graduates agree.

It’s hard to exaggerate the quality and impact of Kim’s Thinkific Bootcamp. Although I had some experience with Thinkific I learned so so much in Bootcamp. Kim’s knowledge and experience were displayed every…single…day.

I feel much more confident in launching my Thinkific academy. If anyone is thinking of creating a Thinkific school without doing Kim’s Bootcamp – please think again.

Mike Fitzgerald


Kim Garnett’s knowledge and expertise was instrumental in the creation and launch of my online programs on Thinkific.

I was brand new to the platform and to creating online courses and after working through Kim’s Course, I am more confident, clear and prepared.

Kim is an excellent teacher with her ability to take complicated processes and break them down into small, clear cut steps.

I highly recommend Kim as a teacher, mentor, and coach for anyone seeking support for online course creation.

Rev. Lisa Windsor

Spiritual Minister & Spiritual Coach, Modern Miracles


When I built our first class online on Thinkific, we hired Kim to assist us through a series of 1:1 calls. Her help was instrumental in getting our course done and launched quickly. As we went to create another course, I turned to BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp to refresh me on all the steps I needed to take.

WHAT I THOUGHT…was that since I had prior coaching from Kim, I knew all her inside tips and hacks so an online course would be all I need.

WHAT I FOUND OUT…was that Bootcamp includes the drilled down, no fluff, detailed step-by-step process that Kim used on our private 1:1, including all the tips and hacks! She has included everything a course creator needs to get their Thinkific course launched.

AND AS A BONUS…I got to watch Kim drill down expertise that she originally delivered live into a seriously effective online course which is a great inspiration as we continue to work to do the same.

If you want to build a course on Thinkific, you have to do Bootcamp!
P.S. Trust her when she says don’t jump ahead. Follow her steps exactly in order for the quickest path to course launch.

Kathleen Kelsey

Online Program Director, The Center for Forensic Training and Education

Steve Pitkanen

Get 2 MONTHS FREE ACCESS to the Weekly Live Q&A's through Nov. 28th (value $198) #BlackFriday








This course was a lifesaver and saved me SOOOO much time and frustration! I don’t know how anyone could do a course launch on Thinkific without this resource!!!

I have found your program EXTREMELY helpful. So far I am unimpressed by what I have seen available elsewhere and nothing that compared your courses. I have my course, I know my niche, I have 6 more planned!

Heather Herman

Joy Spring Maternal Mental Health

Hi, I’m Kim, better known as Brainy Girl.

Today I run a very successful marketing & technology online education business BUT the road to get here hasn’t been easy.
brainy girl kim garnett
I tell all of my students to not compare their “B” roll to my “A” roll – meaning that online, you only get a piece of the story. You see the snapshots of my garden (in the best light of course), me posed for photos with my (not so) perfect family on Christmas morning on Instagram while you’re in your pj’s on Saturday morning with mascara running down your face, hungover from too much wine the night before and think to yourself, “Boy she’s got her shit together”.

You get notifications as I publish new Youtube videos or email blasts and think to yourself, “How does she have time to do all of that?? I barely get time for a shower in the morning!”.

Believe me, friend, everyone has a story…and here’s mine.

In a nutshell, I moved out at a very young age and had to figure out how to do it on my own. No backup plan. No support. I took the hard road, put myself in some crazy situations, but managed to come out of those teen/young adult years alive. Whew!

I became a single mom at 27 (with a 9 month old baby) and gotvery responsible really quickly. I had dabbled in self-employment before then, but only as side hustles. I did not want to go back to working for someone else and knew that it was now or never.

I taught myself how to build websites, back when you had to code them with HTML, and figured out quickly that technology and marketing was my jam! I took on clients and dove head-first into self-employment and became my own boss.

Fast forward to 2015 – my son was now fourteen years old and I was still raising him single handedly (seriously – who has time to date as a single mom and business owner??) but I was at capacity. I was getting question after question from other women wanting to know how to start and run a successful business, and I couldn’t keep answering them one by one. That’s when I discovered online courses.

My first online course was actually a membership I created to teach women how to start and run their own virtual assistant business, and it was a huge success… well, once I got past the initial mistakes! While doing that I had multiple clients approach me to ask if I could help them get their knowledge online and, being a true entrepreneur, I began seeing the opportunities before me.

Having my own online courses, and assisting clients with theirs, gave me new revenue streams, allowed me to reach a much larger audience and help more people build their own successful online businesses with online courses, training programs, workshops, and memberships.

Today I have multiple revenue streams – client projects, online courses, affiliate marketing, etc. I’ve had thousands of students go through my programs and participate in my memberships. I have loyal, happy clients. I feel accomplished.

This industry (online courses) has grown and changed drastically since then.

People, just like you, need to understand and implement many different concepts, tactics and strategies to be successful as a course creator


you don’t know what you don’t know.

I’m sure that you’ve experienced this…

You’re online searching for something like, “How do I create a course?” and suddenly it’s 4 hours later and you’ve taken a dive into SEO, funnels, marketing, learning management systems and EVERYTHING to do with running an online course business.

And that’s my point.

There’s not just ONE THING you need to understand, learn and implement.

There are many, but you have to START!

Other courses leave you thirsty.

Not the BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp!

It is literally the step-by-step instructions to getting your Thinkific site set up PROPERLY and your course online so that you can start selling it and enrolling students.

After helping over 1,000 Thinkific customers, I know what you need – and that’s exactly what I deliver in the Bootcamp.

24/7 ACCESS to the Bootcamp from wherever you are
THE PATH to get you to the end of this step in your journey quickly
EXPERT GUIDANCE to support you as you navigate these waters

You have questions.
We have answers.


How do I know if this course is right for me?

This course is PERFECT for you if…

  • You’ve been struggling to get your course online.
  • You’re frustrated with using the Thinkific platform and need step by step instructions and guidance.
  • You want to be confident, when you launch, that everything is working as it should be.
  • You want an expert to guide you through the setup (without the cost of working directly with an expert!)
  • You’re committed to launching your course within the next 6 months.

Do you think I can actually do this by myself?

Absolutely! In fact, we love to show off what our students have been able to accomplish with the Bootcamp on the Bootcamp Stars page. CLICK HERE to check it out.


What time/dates are the LIVE Q&A’s?

You have access to the course 24/7 online. If you purchase the optional coaching option you can join us for the LIVE weekly Q&A’s which happen on Tuesdays at 9am PDT/PST. Just add your city here to view in your time zone.

If you can’t join live, you can submit your questions for the live Q&A’s ahead of time and Kim will answer them on the live streams. You can always catch the replays if you can’t attend live.


How much time do I have to commit?

The question you SHOULD be asking yourself is, “How much time am I willing to devote to growing a profitable, sustainable, online education business?”

You can devote as much, or as little, time as you can. You have access to the course for 1 year from the enrollment date.


Do I get 1:1 help?

The short answer is no.

If you purchase the COURSE ONLY, there is a section to ask questions inside the course and we do monitor those questions.

If you purchase the add-on coaching option, you get to join Kim LIVE for the weekly group Q&A calls to get your questions answered. Is it 1:1? No.. but pretty darn close!

And, if you need 1:1 help you can always book a call with Kim.


What is the cost? Can I get a refund if it’s not for me?

The investment in yourself and your business is $297 USD for the COURSE ONLY (one year access to the course). You can add on monthly coaching (weekly live Q&A’s with Kim) for just $99 USD per month. Stay as long as you’d like; cancel when you no longer need it.

We do not offer refunds (as you have access to a boat load of content immediately!) however if you’re still unsure if Bootcamp is right for you then we encourage you to check out the BrainyGirlU Thinkific Bootcamp PREVIEW – a selection of lessons from Bootcamp so that you can get a sense of Kim’s teaching style and the kind of content you’ll find in Bootcamp. You can access the FREE PREVIEW here.

“If you’re one of those people who has that little voice in the back of her mind saying, ‘Maybe I could do [fill in the blank],’ don’t tell it to be quiet.

Give it a little room to grow, and try to find an environment it can grow in.”

– Reese Witherspoon

I have just completed Brainygirl’s Bootcamp, and actually launched my first online course as a direct result of doing so, after having sat and watched tutorials and read Thinkific’s help pages for months with perfectionism paralysis.

Kim’s help has been invaluable, from her wisdom and expertise drawing from 20 years in the field to her knowledge and comfort with tech, to her patient manner and dedication. She was my coach, mentor, marketing adviser, copywriting adviser, course creation expert and counselor rolled into one throughout the whole process, and I honestly could not have done it without her.

Her video tutorials and instructions were all very clear, concise and follow a logical format. I felt that I was in safe hands from the get-go, and trusted her processes completely as she explains the ‘why’ behind everything we do.

I highly recommend the Bootcamp and Kim herself, and feel it was the best investment I have made in myself, as it gave me transferrable skills that I can apply to any business, not just course creation.

Nazmina Dhanji

Founder, Arabiq Online

This was an excellent learning experience and well worth the investment and time.

I think the best part is that Kim is “real” and not just hype trying to get us to make the next purchase.

Best course I have taken!

Brad Oneil

Founder, Global Addiction Recovery

Wow, am I ever glad I participated in this Bootcamp!

I learned everything I need to launch an online course which I couldn’t have done as gracefully without Kim’s knowledge and patient guidance. Added bonus – I have even more tech skills in my pocket than I did going in!

Leslie Wiesner

Founder, It's Your Dog School for Dogs

Being a part of Kim’s program has been the single factor that has helped me advance my online course and grow my business. I love working from home and working solo, but there’s no one to hold me accountable and push me to go farther. Until, that is, I started participating in the group virtual meetings.

I love hearing about how other course creators are working their business, I know I can get my questions answered about things I’m working on and best of all, Kim holds me accountable. There have been several times when I’ve joined the group with that “I don’t feel like working today” mentality, and Kim has prodded me to accomplish specific tasks….saving me from an unproductive day.

My business feels more legit, I am motivated to expand my offerings and now I know where to go to get help when I need it.

Motivation + Support = Success!

Julie Eickhoff

Professional Voice Over Artist & Founder, Online School for Voice Over

Get 2 MONTHS FREE ACCESS to the Weekly Live Q&A's through Nov. 28th (value $198) #BlackFriday








Kim’s Bootcamp is invaluable if you’re going to break into the online course business.

The material in the Bootcamp not only met my expectations for content, it far exceeded them by providing content I didn’t even know I needed! 

Kim’s not shy about offering advice for how to position your online school, how to develop your sales pages (Kim’s enthusiasm for building the pages was contagious!), and how to craft an excellent experience for your students.

I need a “WWKD” (What Would Kim Do) bracelet!

Cheryl Barnes-Neff