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Thinkific is a learning management system used to host online courses.

Like any platform, there is a bit of a learning curve when you’re just getting started.


Thinkific Themes and Course Templates


The Thinkific platform comes with several themes, and several styles of each of those themes. The themes are your site-wide design.


thinkific themes


It’s important to choose your theme carefully because changing themes down the road means you’ll need to rebuild all of your landing pages!

You can sign up for a free Thinkific account then navigate to Design Your Site > Theme Library > Explore Themes to check out the available themes and view a live demo of each.

When you’re ready to get your course on the platform, you can start with their Course Templates. These templates provide a blueprint for your course. The course templates you can choose from currently are:

  • Blank
  • Pre-sell
  • Mini-course
  • Flagship Course
  • Webinar Replay
  • Membership Resource Library

thinkific course templates


Thinkific Landing Page Examples


There is always a lot of chatter in Thinkific’s very active Facebook group about sales page inspiration.

Yes, sales page design is important but even more important is creating sales pages from a conversion perspective. You want those who land on the course sales page to enroll! Check out Neil Patel’s article, The Definitive Guide to Creating High Converting Landing Pages for some tips on creating conversion focused sales pages.

We’ve set up hundreds of Thinkific sites for clients and teach our students how to set up their own Thinkific site correctly. You want to be able to launch your course confidently! Here are just a few of the sites we’ve designed for clients to give you some inspiration and see what can be done with the themes Thinkific provides.

I hope these examples helped you get inspired!




Thinkific Course Examples


One of the most common questions I get is, “Can I see what an ACTUAL Thinkific course looks like?”

Before you create your own course you likely want to see (from a student’s perspective) what a course on the Thinkific platform is like, right? That’s exactly why we created the Thinkific Demo Course.

This short course walks you through the experience from a student’s perspective while giving you ideas for the kind of content to use in your own courses, as well as the pros and cons of the different lesson types.

Creating your own online courses is a great way to scale your business, generate additional revenue, share your passion, and leave a legacy.

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