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What if you could pre-sell your course easily in order to:
1) Determine whether your target audience will pay for it (validation) and
2) To acquire some cashflow before creating your course?


With Thinkific’s new Pre-Order Course feature you can!


This week Thinkific released their Pre-Order Course feature which allows you to easily pre-sell your course without giving your students access to the content – until you’re ready.

Thinkific has a unique publish state called pre-order that gives you the option to sell your course without allowing students to access your course lessons. Then when you are ready to launch your course, you can simply publish the full version to give students access to your content!

This is a great way to validate the demand for your online course before investing resources into creating all of the content. It also works well for courses that you are currently working on and want display as coming soon!

Check out this video just published on my Youtube channel to show you how it works.



In early 2019 I went live with Rob Balasabas (formerly of Thinkific) to talk about pre-selling your course. There is a ton of gold in this Youtube video on pre-selling your course as well!

You can view Thinkific’s help article on the new feature here, and you can sign up for my step by step training below to ensure that you set up your course pre-sell properly!

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