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The world of online course creation is booming, and Thinkific is a powerful platform for turning your expertise into profit.

But with so much competition, how do you design landing pages that connect with your audience and drive results?

In this post, we’ll provide a treasure trove of inspiration by showcasing real-life Thinkific sites which we designed.

Learn from the best and discover winning strategies to captivate your audience, build a loyal following, and skyrocket your course sales.

Real-World Thinkific Examples

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Watercolors That Glow

Debbie Friis-Pettitt, founder of Watercolors That Glow, is an incredible watercolor artist, but she was ready to give up. Her sales pages weren’t converting.

After a consultation I knew that there were several factors impacting the lack of conversions on her Thinkific site:

1) Page design
2) Confusion (too many options)
3) Lack of email automation to nurture those who enrolled in the free courses to paid customers.

We helped her streamline her offerings and completely overhauled her Thinkific site, redesigning many pages to accurately reflect her brand and tailor the messaging to her target audience. We got her funnels sorted out to ensure the 2 free courses offered were generating and converting leads.

These changes mean more people are purchasing her online courses and membership, consistently.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Manager Boot Camp

Manager Boot Camp equips managers with the skills to better coach, motivate and lead.

Cecilia Gorman, founder and trainer, spends her days teaching managers how to become better communicators, motivators, and leaders.

We designed her original course sales page several years ago, and it had been updated at least once since then, but she really needed to increase conversions. We removed an unneccessary step in the purchase process and, with the help of Super Powerups, we were able to elevate the design of the course sales page resulting in better conversions and more enrollments.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Prepare To Last

Prepare to Last is a Biblically-based online course and community for marriage preparation and guidance through the first five years.

Jeff and Debby McElroy, the founders and guides through the course, have devoted their lives to ministry. We wanted to take their passion for ministry and translate it into a Thinkific site design that communicated this passion.

We designed the entire site with this in mind. We segmented the audiences designing sales pages for each, created a gift purchasing page (where visitors can purchase the course as a gift right there and then) and, we integrated Active Campaign automations for enrollments and gift purchases.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site


Biology411‘s mission is to provide Human Biology college/university students with a free, OpenStax-based Human Biology textbook paired with affordable companion student resources for a comprehensive understanding of the body’s structure and function at their fingertips – for less. There is also complimentary Instructor Resources available.

Founder and instructor Professor Cushwa wasn’t getting the textbook into the hands of as many students as possible because his ‘before’ landing pages were clunky, there were no funnels running, and he had no automations.

Now Instructors and Students segment themselves and can easily find what they’re looking for.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Master Your Books

Master Your Books is an online learning center bridging the gap between growth-ready entrepreneurs and their accounting partners so that they can navigate the complexities of small business and finances together.

Founder and instructor Mariette Martinez was losing out on sales/enrollments because she had too many choices on her Thinkific site, leaving visitors confused, so we redesigned the home page of her Thinkific site to streamline her offerings using the Resource Library Powerup.

Now visitors can easily find what they’re looking for by sorting and filtering topics, reducing confusion and increasing sales.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Excel Macro MASTERY

Excel Macro MASTERY teaches proven techniques and little-known secrets to break down complex Excel VBA concepts into simple, understandable terms, with code examples and practical demonstrations.

Paul Kelly, the founder and instructor, has a large social media following and a good amount of traffic to his Thinkific site, but he wasn’t seeing the conversions he should be so we overhauled the design of his landing pages.

The home page has a simple design with the goal of moving his visitors into action, choosing between the 2 courses he offers, and his Effective Excel VBA course sales page now tells a story that leads visitors to a purchase and enrollment.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Brain Tools School

Brain Tools School teaches brain-friendly, proven ways to smooth out life (officially called executive function).

Sarah Kesty, the founder and expert instructor, has a blended learning program for teens and young adults, as well as a course for parents – to introduce them to what their teen or young adult will be learning and doing in the Life After High School course.

Sarah has a primary site built on another website platform and wanted the branding of her Thinkific site to be similar. We were able to achieve that with the help of Super Powerups.

On the home page we segment parents and teens to send them to the appropriate course sales page. Once the parent enrolls in the Family Introduction course, they are taken to a custom designed Thank You page where they complete a few questions about their teen (with an embedded Tally form). That information is then automatically imported into her email account and triggers both an onboarding automation AND a personalized invite for the teen to enroll themselves in the Life After High School program.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

The Lawyer Mindset

The Lawyer Mindset provides counselling and resources for lawyers to learn concrete strategies to overcome life’s obstacles.

Bena Stock, founder and instructor, wanted to use her Thinkific site as her primary website, so this was a robust build including a Home page (with an optin at the top), About page, Contact page, pages for her online and offline offerings, pages which trigger her lead generation funnels, a blog and additional resources, and due to the number of pages on the site we created a custom menu.

The Lawyer Mindset Thinkific site has a smooth buyer journey, guiding visitors (with as few clicks as possible) on the path to getting the help they need.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Running For Office

Jay Townsend, veteran political consultant, wanted to take his years of knowledge and experience and create an online course so we created the Running For Office Academy. The course curriculum was completed, but he needed to showcase this offering on the Thinkific platform.

As he already has a primary website on a different platform, we needed to brand his Thinkific site as similarly as possible so there was a seamless transition from his website to his Thinkific site for visitors.

We designed the regular course sales page as well as a time-limited sales page for the course launch. Using the same style, colours, fonts, etc. as his primary website, we were able to make his vision come to life.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Align. Grow. Prosper.

Doris Bentley, founder and instructor of Align. Grow. Prosper. was launching her first course, and reached out for help with the course sales page design. The course helps students learn new essentials for building a brilliant organization where talent thrives and competitive success is realized.

We took the Align. Grow. Prosper. sales page from mey to wow with the help of Super Powerups.

Top Thinkific Examples Driving Results in 2024

Thinkific Site

Wealth Creation Mastermind

Wealth Creation Mastermind is an immersive 12-module online course that redefines the very essence of wealth. John Rogers, a veteran in the affiliate marketing world, brings his expertise in affiliate marketing to this online course by teaching others how to achieve financial freedom and build a successful team of affilites from the comfort of your home in less than 12 months.

Wealth Creation Mastermind has a primary website, built on another platform, and we were able to closely match the design of the landing page (course sales page) to his primary website’s branding and style with the help of Super Powerups.

The new course sales page is not only similarly branded, it contains all of the sections that should be on a high-converting sales page and speaks to his target audience with imagery and dynamic page sections.