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I’ve been creating and using landing pages on Leadpages and Divi (theme for WordPress) for years – for course sales, workshops, webinars, and events.

I like the control I have over the branding, design, style, and sections.

I love adding the countdown feature for an open/close cart launch.


This was a challenge for a few reasons:

  1. There was no way to seamlessly integrate these landing pages with my Thinkific site
  2. Keeping affiliate links intact with an external landing page was a nightmare

As a certified Thinkific expert I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of course creators to help launch their courses, and many of them have used external landing pages – Leadpages, ThriveCart, WordPress, and a variety of others.

Up until I found this little hack, courtesy of Jessica Stansberry,  we were left having to make changes to our theme’s coding on Thinkific to redirect Thinkific’s landing pages to our own.

Even then, trying to figure out which links to give our affiliates to track cookies (if we were using an external landing page) added a few extra grey hairs to my head.


With one tiny little piece of code added to our courses on Thinkific, we can automatically redirect our Thinkific course sales pages TO OUR OWN LANDING PAGES while keeping affiliate links intact!

It doesn’t matter where your page is hosted – on your own website, on Leadpages, or elsewhere. As long as you have a URL for your landing page or sales page, you can now easily auto-redirect the landing page giving you full control.

We can lead our customers straight from our sales pages (on our website, Leadpages, etc.) to the Thinkific checkout for that course or bundle.

Alternatively, instead of using this code, you can use the Swiss Powerup to redirect from your Thinkific course sales page to your course sales page on your website.

Here’s the code to copy and paste into your Thinkific course dashboard:

⚠️ Make sure that you copy that code and put it in Notepad (or another generic text editor), then copy it from there and add it to your Thinkific site (course > settings > page code > save) then test it in an incognito window.


<style> body {display:none !important} </style>

<script>window.location.href = “your_landing_page_url_here”;</script>

**(replace the URL with your own landing page)**


<script>window.location.href = “”;</script>


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