Women Educating

Community, support, motivation, inspiration, knowledge, and opportunities FOR WOMEN who are running courses, training programs, workshops, or otherwise educating their audience – online.

Women educating online have unique needs.


A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY to turn to and engage with.
INSPIRATION from other women who are killin’ it in their business.
MOTIVATION when we’re needing a little kick in the pants.
THE KNOWLEDGE to be better business owners, better educators, and better to ourselves.
OPPORTUNITIES to increase our reach, make more money, and grow our businesses.

Women supporting women.

Ya, we need more of THAT!

Hi, I’m Kim, better known as Brainy Girl.

Today I run a very successful marketing & technology online education business BUT the road to get here hasn’t been easy.
brainy girl kim garnett
I tell all of my students to not compare their “B” roll to my “A” roll – meaning that online, you only get a piece of the story. You see the snapshots of my garden (in the best light of course), me posed for photos, or my (not so) perfect family on Christmas morning on Instagram while you’re in your pj’s on Saturday morning with mascara running down your face, hungover from too much wine the night before and think to yourself, “Boy she’s got her shit together”.

You get notifications as I publish new Youtube videos or email blasts and think to yourself, “How does she have time to do all of that?? I barely get time for a shower in the morning!”.

Believe me, friend, everyone has a story…and here’s mine.

In a nutshell, I moved out at a very young age and had to figure out how to do it on my own. No backup plan. No support. I made a shit-ton of mistakes, put myself in some crazy situations, but managed to come out of those teen/young adult years alive. Whew!

I became a single mom at 27 (with a 9 month old baby) and got really responsible really quickly. I had dabbled in self-employment before then, but only as side hustles. I did not want to go back to working for someone else and knew that it was now or never.

I taught myself how to build websites, back when you had to code them with html, and figured out quickly that technology and marketing was my jam! I took on clients and dove head-first into self-employment and became my own boss.

Fast forward to 2015 – my son was now fourteen years old and I was still raising him single handedly (seriously – who has time to date as a single mom and business owner??) but I was at capacity. I was getting question after question from other women wanting to know how to start and run a successful business, and I couldn’t keep answering them one by one. That’s when I discovered online courses.

My first online course was actually a membership I created to teach women how to start and run their own virtual assistant business, and it was a huge success! While doing that I had multiple clients approach me to ask if I could help them get their knowledge online and, being a true entrepreneur, I began seeing the opportunities before me.

Having my own online courses, and assisting clients with theirs, gave me new revenue streams, allowed me to reach a much larger audience and help more people build their own successful online businesses with online courses, training programs, workshops, and memberships.

Today I have multiple revenue streams – client projects, online courses, affiliate marketing, etc. I have a small team of incredible women who work with me. I’ve had thousands of students go through my programs and participate in my memberships. I have loyal, happy clients. I feel accomplished.

I’ve always taught business, technology, and marketing, and while I know that teaching people – especially women – these things is empowering, I also know that there are a whole lot of other women out there who want to learn and teach, inspire and be inspired, motivate and be motivated, support and be supported.

When I closed down one of my membership sites, my group members (mostly women) asked if I would put together another community – for them to continue to access my knowledge and the knowledge of others in the group, and to continue to be part of an incredible supportive community, and that’s how WOMEN EDUCATING ONLINE was born.

Women Educating Online brings together women who are teaching others, online, and while the group’s focus is definitely on the business of teaching online, as importantly it’s a safe harbour for you to get the support you need to expand and grow – personally AND professionally.


Women Educating Online


Women Educating Online is a community of women all doing the same thing – educating their audience online.

Why join?


  • GET ACCESS to other women educating online for connection, support, motivation, inspiration and networking. We’re all in this together – and it’s such a critical time to support one another!


    • Current and relevant live virtual training by Kim Garnett, with topics of interest to members – digital marketing, technology, and online business.

    • Members will be offered the opportunity to deliver training to other members on weekly live streams. This allows you to showcase yourself, your knowledge, your brand, increase your reach AND empower other members by sharing your knowledge.

    • Recent training topics include:

      • Using Thinkific’s Site Builder

      • LOVE your on-camera performance! Audio and Video tips for BEHIND the camera and IN FRONT of it

      • Exploring Analytics That Matter

      • Entrepreneur finances & taxes made easy

      • Taking Your Course from a Single-buyer Focus to a Corporate-buyer Focus to Instantly Impact Your Sales


    • Submit your questions ahead of time to be answered on the live Q&A and/or join live to get your questions answered

    • Listening in on questions from others is a great way to enhance your own knowledge and learning. You don’t know what you don’t know!

  • CONTINUED PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT with access to community, live stream replays, resources, and training for as long as you’re a member.

As women, we have to start appreciating our own worth and each other’s worth. Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to collaborate with, to be inspired by, to support, and enlightened by.

– Madonna

Kim's group is saving my sanity and I feel like I'm finally moving forward!

The live Q&As are great! So helpful in getting my questions answered and other people ask questions I hadn't even thought of.

Joyce C.

I met Kim a couple of years ago when I was launching a new online business and needed support for setting up our initial online classes. I have been a fan ever since! Kim is incredibly
knowledgable with all aspects of doing business online and she has a no nonsense approach to getting things done. She is a strong educator, pushing us to learn what we need to
learn to make good business decisions using online best practices and good digital marketing strategies.

She also understands that sometime the growth of a business means changing what isn’t working and pivoting to what is working which can be really scary for many business owners.
I have gone through two dramatic changes with our business and because of Kim, I had the courage and the insight to really look at what the best business model was for me and for the people I serve and tweak it to meet those needs.

Kim has a clear cut way of getting business owners to ask themselves important questions about why they do what they do, who they serve and how best to serve them. She reminds us that they are questions to be asked on a regular basis, not just once. I look to Kim’s advice often as I continue to tweak and grow my business. I definitely would not have been this far without her help. I'm excited to be part of a group that truly supports and uplifts women entrepreneurs and business owners. I know with Kim leading the pack, it will be full of valuable information and great dynamics!

Terry Eldridge

Founder, Zenso Creative

Being a part of Kim's online community has been the single factor that has helped me advance my online course and grow my business. I love working from home and working solo, but there's no one to hold me accountable and push me to go farther. Until, that is, I started participating in the group virtual meetings.

I love hearing about how other course creators are working their business, I know I can get my questions answered about things I'm working on and best of all, Kim holds me accountable. There have been several times when I've joined the group with that "I don't feel like working today" mentality, and Kim has prodded me to accomplish specific tasks....saving me from an unproductive day.

My business feels more legit, I am motivated to expand my offerings and now I know where to go to get help when I need it.

Motivation + Support = Success!

Julie Eickhoff

Professional Voice Over Artist & Founder, Online School for Voice Over


for just $30 per month

and get immediate access to all of the benefits of being a member.

Don’t worry – there is no long term commitment as it’s a month to month membership.

Simply cancel before next month’s renewal and you won’t be charged again.

Not sure if Women Educating Online is right for you?

Women Educating Online is NOT for everyone and, to be honest, I’d prefer to help you figure that out BEFORE you join.

So here it is…



  • You would rather make excuses than take action.
  • You are not willing to try new strategies and tactics that may help your business.
  • You are not willing to change and grow.
  • You are interested in pushing your own agenda or interests.

Have questions?


What if I already have an online course?

Perfect, then you’ll have some experience to share with the other community members AND there is always more to learn and growth to be had.

What if I don’t already have an online course?

We all started out where you are. You’ll learn a lot from the other members – some who are where you are now and others who are further ahead in their online education journey.

Will I learn how to create a course in this program?

No, this is not a course or even a ‘program’ to teach you how to create an online course. This is a community of women who are actively building their online education businesses or expanding their businesses to include online education. Many of us have published one, or more, successful courses so there are lots of guides in the group. Within this community are opportunities (for teaching, expanding your reach), learning (weekly training and Q&A sessions), and access to resources specifically for women educating online.

What if I can’t attend the live streams or if I’m in a different time zone?

Currently the live stream Q&A with Kim runs at 12:45pm Pacific every Tuesday. If you can’t make the live Q&A you can submit your questions ahead of time and Kim will answer them on the live stream, then you can catch the replay.

Currently the live stream training runs at 9:00am Pacific every Thursday. If you can’t make the live training you can catch the replay.

We poll members regularly to ensure that times for the live streams suit the majority of the members and may change in the future based on member feedback.

What kind of resources do I get access to?

You’ll get access to a resource library with videos, downloads, and information on topics related to online education. You can expect a few new resources each month for as long as you’re a member.

How much time do I have to commit?

The question you SHOULD be asking yourself is, “How much time am I willing to devote to growing a profitable, sustainable, online education business?”

We run 2 x live streams per week – one is a learning live stream where the founder (Kim Garnett) or one of the members will be teaching other members. The other is a live Q&A where you can ask your questions and get them answered live. Both of these live streams will run up to 1 hour each. If you miss any of them you can always catch the replays!

Do I get 1:1 help?

No. You can request training on a specific topic (as can all members) and, if other members are also interested, we may train on this topic on the weekly live stream. If you need 1:1 assistance you can book a coaching/consulting session with Kim here.

What is the cost? Can I get a refund if it’s not for me?

The investment in yourself and your business is $30 USD / mo.

This gives you access to all live streams (learning and Q&A’s), the Facebook community, as well as additional resources provided by Kim specifically with the technology and marketing of your online education.

Refunds are NOT available however, as this is a month to month membership, you can cancel anytime.

“If you’re one of those people who has that little voice in the back of her mind saying, ‘Maybe I could do [fill in the blank],’ don’t tell it to be quiet.

Give it a little room to grow, and try to find an environment it can grow in.”

– Reese Witherspoon




Just $30 per month

gets you INSTANT ACCESS to

the community, knowledge, and opportunities.